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Fresh Produce Centre promotes the interests of companies that are active in the sale of fruit and vegetables and is also a source of knowledge and inspiration.

Source of knowledge and inspiration

Fresh Produce Centre represents the interests of businesses involved in the sale and marketing of fruit and vegetables and is a source of knowledge and inspiration. Its members account for over 80% of total sales of fruit and vegetables in the Netherlands, which are worth around €15 billion (including growers’ associations).

Fresh Produce Centre has around 320 members. The members are trading companies and growers’ associations involved in the sale and marketing of fruit and vegetables. They specialise in the domestic wholesale, import, export, treatment, processing, packaging, storage and transshipment of fruit and vegetables.

The members of Fresh Produce Centre are active in many different fields. In consultation with its board, Fresh Produce Centre has identified a number of core tasks grouped into seven fields of activity with more information.

Wholesale as intermediary

Importers, exporters and domestic wholesalers are intermediaries in the chain between producers and consumers. They fulfil an essential function, for example in the field of logistic services and guaranteeing food safety, and are familiar with local languages, cultures and regulations.

Importers and exporters are generally larger than domestic wholesalers. Trading companies have specialised in absorbing fluctuations in demand, supply and quality.

Coordinating the supply and demand of fruit and vegetables is a complex process. All parties working together ensure that the Netherlands is a global player in the fruit and vegetable trade. 

Global player in fruit and vegetables...

For a small country, the Netherlands is big in producing and supplying fruit and vegetables from Dutch soil, Dutch glasshouses or anywhere else in the world. Dutch traders in fruit and vegetables know how to source first-class produce from around the globe. Read more about the Dutch fruit and vegetables sector... 


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