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Fruit and vegetables should be tasty, first and foremost. In our view there is no doubt about that. The fact that they are also healthy and sustainable is good for us and for society. But consumption of vegetables in particular is too low at every stage of life. In the field of Nutrition, all kinds of activities and projects are taking place that can help to increase consumption of fruit and vegetables.

Fresh Produce Centre encourages research into topics such as behavioural change and how we as a sector can help to make fruit and vegetables “easier” and ensure that they are widely and permanently available as a healthy choice and a tasty alternative.

Fresh Produce Centre works with government and various businesses under the aegis of the “National Fruit and Vegetable Action Plan” (NAGF). This provides an impetus for activities aimed at shifting consumer behaviour towards higher consumption of fruit and vegetables. A central part of the strategy is Veggipedia, a reliable source of information including tips, nutritional information and recipes using fruit and vegetables. 

Choose Color Choose Color

On 10 May 2017 the Choose Colour campaign was launched as an initiative to significantly...

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Choose Color Lab Choose Color Lab

Choose Colour Lab is a 6-week nudging and social marketing intervention to promote the purchase...

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NAGF stands for Nationaal Actieplan Groenten en Fruit (“National Fruit and Vegetable Action Plan”) and is a partnership...

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Public-private partnerships (PPPs) Public-private partnerships (PPPs)

Fresh Produce Centre contributes to various PPPs. Some past and current PPPs are listed below:...

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Veggipedia Veggipedia

Veggipedia is an independent online source of information on fruit and vegetables. The encyclopaedia covers...

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