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Water monitoring

GLOBALG.A.P. V5.0 requires participants to carry out a risk inventory of the different sources of water used on the farm. With assistance from the Dutch water boards, a sectoral water monitoring system has been set up to relieve the burden on producers and, just as importantly, to build up sectoral knowledge about microbiological water quality and the effects on the end product.

GLOBALG.A.P. makes it possible to monitor the quality of surface water (ditch, lake, canal, river, etc.) across the sector. This can bring substantial benefits for GLOBALG.A.P. participants. To gather information in this area, sectoral monitoring has been introduced in cooperation with the water boards, enabling the system to draw on the boards’ existing knowledge as well. The sectoral approach has been set up primarily for surface water, but sampling of other types of water, such as spring or bathing water, is also offered as an additional service.