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Monitoring and Inspection

Fruit and vegetables are an important constituent of our daily meals. Inspection and approval are vital in order to guarantee the right quality and food safety. At every stage of the process, from production to retail sales, products are inspected and approved both by businesses themselves and by government.

To speed up and simplify the processing of incoming goods and to make them cheaper where possible, Fresh Produce Centre is working with Customs and the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) to develop an integrated vision of infrastructure. The EU Control Regulation imposes stricter requirements in terms of the location and timing of inspections. Fresh Produce Centre will focus especially on data intended to map import flows and on how these data can be accommodated in a supply chain data platform. All major developments in the field of legislation take place within the contours of the EU Control Regulation.

Efficient and effective controls are of vital importance for all members of Fresh Produce Centre. Major system changes are in development in this area and will require substantial attention in the coming years. Fresh Produce Centre and its members are taking steps to clarify, by measuring and monitoring, where they stand in the societal trend towards sustainability.

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