GroentenFruit Huis

Market expansion

The Netherlands: a global player in fruit and vegetables! With turnover totalling approximately €18 billion (commercial sales), the Netherlands is a major player in terms of the production, import and export of fruit and vegetables. Dutch fruit and vegetable traders know exactly where to source first-class produce, from Dutch soil, Dutch glasshouses or elsewhere in the world. It is vital that we can work in partnership with our government to create the necessary networks when opening up new markets.

Expansion of markets

Fresh Produce Centre is committed to expansion into new markets. In cooperation with our government, we create contacts, build networks and compile dossiers that lead to market access for Dutch produce in new sales territories. The often-lengthy process this involves requires patience and a substantial financial contribution from the business community.

In recent years, pome fruit has been successful in countries including China, Brazil, India, Vietnam and Mexico. In addition, sweet peppers gained market access in China and the onion sector is firmly focused on Colombia, Costa Rica and China, following the successful opening up of markets in Indonesia and Panama. The volumes exported to the new markets are not very large as yet, but the fact that India was the fourth largest market for apples in 2017 demonstrates that there is certainly potential.

The commitment of Fresh Produce Centre also produced positive results in 2018. An agreement was reached on the export of Dutch apples to South Africa. Colombia has authorised the import of Dutch apples and pears.

Expand your market with market information

An important task of Fresh Produce Centre is acquiring knowledge and sharing this information with the members. Statistical information helps Fresh Produce Centre gain a clear understanding of the market. Fresh Produce Centre analyses the figures on its own initiative or on the advice of the Business Council Market & Statistics. Market data is purchased from various agencies such as GfK, Kantar, IRI, Nielsen, IGD and AMI. Information and intelligence about the market can help your organisation make better informed decisions and act as a good partner for the customer. All members of Fresh Produce Centre can find the market information on the member dashboard. Benefit from utilising all the data available!