GroentenFruit Huis


Fruit and vegetables are good for you, and good for society. For this reason, Fresh Produce Centre participates in many debates where fruit and vegetables are often seen as a solution.

Fresh Produce Centre actively represents its members’ interests in dealings with authorities in The Hague, Brussels and beyond. The position of the Dutch fruit and vegetable sector within European and global trade requires that members’ interests be brought to the attention of relevant stakeholders.

Laws and regulations on growing practices and trade are often agreed or decided in Brussels. It is therefore logical that Fresh Produce Centre should be actively involved in lobbying based on our collective interest.

Key issues are food safety, phytosanitary policy, crop protection, import and export policy, increased consumption and the Common Agricultural Policy. 


After Germany, the United Kingdom is the second most important export destination for the Dutch fruit and vegetable sector. Following Brexit, the UK will be granted “third country status” with potential consequences in terms of inspections, border controls, documentation, phytosanitary policy, food safety, quality and so on.

Fresh Produce Centre has taken steps on various fronts to raise the interests of the sector.

Network building 

Membership of umbrella organisations such as Copa-Cogeca or Freshfel gives Fresh Produce Centre access to various consultation structures. Fresh Produce Centre also takes the opportunity to promote itself in the Netherlands and beyond at meetings such as the “herring party” given by the Dutch Permanent Representation in Brussels, networking drinks in The Hague as part of Fascination of Plants Day, or participation in trade missions.