GroentenFruit Huis


The fruit and vegetable sector is a skill-intensive industry, and high-quality products start with good basic material. From farm to fork, employees play a key role in the quality of the products that we find on our shop shelves and later end up on our plates. Food safety is carefully guaranteed, and that too is a skill-intensive task.

Effective training and a fair package of working conditions help to ensure that the fruit and vegetable sector has access to motivated and talented employees. The wholesale trade in fruit and vegetables provides direct employment for 15.000 permanent staff and 5.000 flexible workers.

As an employers’ association, Fresh Produce Centre is involved in the collective labour agreement for the fruit and vegetable wholesale trade. Fresh Produce Centre also represents employers’ interests in the sectoral pension fund and the training initiative GF-Groothandelsfonds.

At the request of Fresh Produce Centre members, wages and posts outside the salary scale have been benchmarked in a comparative monitor provided by the general employers’ association AWVN. In this way, Fresh Produce Centre has responded to members’ needs for more information on remuneration for posts not covered by the collective labour agreement.

In order to attract and retain staff, it is important to know for any given post which salary is commensurate with the market.